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Penawaran: HR MANAGER:PT Comextra Majora


HR MANAGER - PT Comextra Majora



PT Comextra Majora

Min 5 years (Manager/adjunct Manager)

Indonesia - Sulawesi Selatan - Makassar - Jl. Salodong No. 66



Job Description :
Plan, manage, and organize HR related activities :
   » Employee recruitment
   » Compensation and benefits
   » Performance Appraisal
   » Company Policy
   » Goverment Labour
   » Coaching and counseling Job Persyaratan:
   » Maximum 40 years old
   » Minimum Bachelor Degree major in Law or Phsycology from reputable University
   » Have at least more than 5 years practice in the similar position
   » Good knowledge of Labor Regulation, BPJS and Industrial Relation
   » Good knowledge of HR system, Compensation and Payroll
   » Having practice in providing job description, performance appraisal and people develompment
   » Strong in English communication



Jl. Salodong No. 66


Average Processing Time

More Than 2 Weeks




Telephone No.


Company Size

501 - 1000 Employees

Working Hours

Long hours

Dress Code



Medical, Loans, Dental, Parking

Spoken Language

Bahasa Indonesia




P.T. Comextra Majora we are continually developing and up grading our produce and product quality performance. The main objective of this approach is directed to reinforce the whole system in such away that the desired quality level of our products, in relation to the food safety for the consumer, is sufficiently guaranteed. We have been implementing strictly guidelines on hygiene standard as well. With these circumstances in place, this improved and reinforced system should permanently have the confidence for the customer, trade chain parties and the government. We therefore ensure that "OUR QUALITY IS OUR PRIDE".
As a preventive quality assurance system, we are HACCP certified on October 26, 2005. In the mean time our cashew kernels product is Halal Certified, Kosher and Pareve certified as well.



The history of P.T. Comextra Majora started in Makassar of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, in 1988, when Jimmy Wisan launched his business as a local trader of agricultural commodities seeking to facilitate farmers in the rural areas of Sulawesi with Ujung Pandang (now Makassar) being the local market. Assisted by an employee and a laborer, he initiated his business by hiring an old building at Jalan Andalas No.39, Makassar to accommodate an office, a warehouse, and also a drying ground for commodity processing and storage. During this time a business firm: U.D. Prakarsa Jaya Abadi, was established as his vehicle for his activities.
In view of the on-growing business in 1990-1994, another company, P.T. Prakarsa Jaya Adycitra was set up specifically more directed to export activities while U.D. Prakarsa Jaya Abadi focused on local and inter-insular trading.
From the start, the nature of our business has always been located on trustworthiness, professionalism and integrity. The first shipment of 25 tones of cocoa beans to the USA in 1991 marked the first export of the company. Since then, as favorable opportunities present themselves, other export commodities have accordingly been added such as seaweed, white pepper and raw cashew nuts. In the local trade, the company gained the Government's trust through BPPC and thus became the leading clove trading.


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