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Tawaran Pekerjaan: Psycholog, Councelor & Human Recources:Yayasan Pendidikan Mimi School


Psycholog, Councelor & Human Recources - Yayasan Pendidikan Mimi School


Psycholog, Councelor & Human Recources

Yayasan Pendidikan Mimi School

Min 2 years (Staff (non-management & non-manager))

Indonesia - Jawa Timur - Surabaya



Counselor : 
   » Establishes the school counseling program and develops activities and resources to implement and evaluate the program.
   » The school counselor involves other school staff in making decisions about the school counseling program.
   » Provides individual and group counseling services to meet the developmental, preventive, and remedial needs of students
   » Consults with students, parents, teachers, and other school and community personnel to assist in meeting the needs of students.
   » Coordinates all counseling services for students and assists with the coordination and implementation of student services in the school. The counselor also assists teachers with the Guidance Curriculum.
   » Accurately interprets test results and other student data. The counselor also assists teachers with the educational placement of students by using appropriate educational assessment strategies.
   » Adheres to ethical standards of the counseling profession, and abides by the laws, policies, and procedures that govern the schools. The counselor also participates in professional associations and upgrades professional expertise and expertise when needed.
   » Provide leadership abilities and oversight for all aspects of spiritual life on campus
   » Serve as a spiritual leader and function model to students, parents, faculty, and staff while demonstrating the fruit of a Spiritcontrolled life found in Galatians.
   » Work with Bible faculty and school principal to review, modify and implement a multi-faceted curriculum that helps students understand the claims of Christ on their lives as well as the principles of biblical worldview development, an overview of the Bible, values, ethics, and apologetics at age-appropriate times.
   » Disciple and develop relationships with students through everyday interaction
   » Provide leadership abilities and oversight to spiritual life activities of MIMI school, including chapel, bible studies, service and mission opportunities, conferences and speakers on spiritual matters, spiritual counseling with students and families
   » Design and initiate spiritual growth programs for students & parents that will create connections between the spiritual and academic missions of the school.
   » Work with other faculty and staff to design and initiate spiritual growth opportunities for faculty and staff (i.e. – staff devotions, faith integration, etc.)
   » Help establish a positive student culture where diversity is accepted and students lgain to respect differences in conformity with biblical principles, take responsibility for their actions, and exercise leadership abilities.
   » Communicate with faculty, staff, and families in support of student spiritual needs.
   » Serve as ambassador for MIMI School with parents, students, churches and area ministries
Human Resourses :​
   » Lead and direct the Human Resource team to deliver a comprehensive HR service to the school.
   » Employee Relations managing absence, disciplinary, grievances, sickness etc. Measure employee satisfaction and identify areas that require improvement.
   » Performance Management coaching non academic managers on performance management issues and processes.
   » Learning & Development providing guidance on development for non academic managers and their teams.
   » Training - Implementing the training and development agenda to non academic staff; identify areas that need attention and improvement.
   » Recruitment & retention - managing talent and succession planning; taking overall responsibility for recruitment activity and campaigns.
   » compensate advice and support employees on company benefits.
   » Policy & procedures implementation of new HR policies, procedures and processes.
   » Ensure all school policies and procedures are up to date in line with current employment law. Ensure leadership abilities team is up to date with changes to any policies.
   » Working with leadership abilities team, coaching them and advising on all people issues.
   » Deal with complex disciplinary/grievance and HR issues, using HR and school expertise evidencing appropriate decision making expertise.
   » Crafting of school and people solutions.
   » Managing priorities between casework and projects.
   » Managing HR budgets.
   » Manage the maintenance and upgrade of payroll and human resources information systems.  
   » At least 2 years practice in the same fields.
   » Bachelor or Master in Phsycology
   » Fluent in English
   » An capability and availability to work hard.
   » Committed to egaging, interactive working and education.
   » capability to use Information Technology in the office.
   » capability to work collaboaratively as an effective member of the school faculty.
   » Understand the Bible

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Citraland, Jalan Bukit Telaga Golf TO2 / 1-2, Citraland Surabaya, Sambikerep, East Java, Indonesia


Average Processing Time

More Than 2 Weeks




Telephone No.

62-31-7340916, 62-31-7415337

Facebook Fan Page

Company Size

51 - 200 Employees

Working Hours

Long hours

Dress Code

Formal (e.g. Shirts + Ties)


Miscellaneous allowance

Spoken Language





“MIMI”, as a Private Educational School which is Christian-Oriented, aims to provide an excellence in education, that empowers Future Leaders to transform students in balanced and integrated manner, to enhance expertise, technology and expertise, to develop superior characters, attitude and to glory God.  
- Creating religious and affectionate atmosphere that carry students to the pious attitude, dedication, and
  glorification to God
- Establishing conductive atmosphere at school to support the teaching and learning process by conducting
  any encouraging teaching, training and guidance to students in order to build their character, self-identify
   and competence.
- Guiding the students not only to prepare them to get a job but also to face life and value the norm.
- Helping the students to be an excellence in education, improving the quality of teaching and learning
   activities, and forming students to be intelligent, independent, creative, skillful and excellence.



We conduct trainings and workshops to our employees in order to develop their competence and expertise. All of the speakers hired by "MIMI" are excellent and professional in their job. Therefore, all of our employees in "MIMI" schools are well trained and have high dedication and loyalty. Besides that, they are also patient, perseverant, full of affection and creative.
Vision, Integrity, Persistence, Dilligence, Overcomes All Obstacles


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