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Kesempatan Kerja: SENIOR EXECUTIVE, INTERNATIONAL PATIENT CENTRE (Indonesian Translator):Sunway Medical Centre Sdn Bhd


SENIOR EXECUTIVE, INTERNATIONAL PATIENT CENTRE (Indonesian Translator) - Sunway Medical Centre Sdn Bhd



Sunway Medical Centre Sdn Bhd

Min 4 years (Senior Executive)

Malaysia - Selangor - Sunway Medical Centre



Corporate clients, foreign/international patients and Sunway Group Accounts
   » Provide medical triage assistance either in person or over the telephone: this includes assessment of medical symptoms in order to recommend the appropriate Specialist Doctor.
   » Provide general information such as Specialist Doctors / Medical agent availcapability and assist the client or patient to make the necessary appointments.
   » Provide specific information to KAM / BD / patient on the appropriate Doctor, the type of procedure that will be necessary and the likely length of inpatient stay (where appropriate).  This is a crucial area that will lead to an accurate estimation of costs for the patient/client/SunMed Group/business partner so as to minimize the risk of bad debt and customer complaints.
   » Serve as liaison between the customer and patient, and the appropriate SunMed service departments / Customer Care Associates / international agent or any business partner to enable the following:
   » Clinic appointment
   » Appointment for procedures (laboratory tests, radiology etc)
   » Inpatient admission: this should include Bed Board and Business Office
   » All significant concierge and logistics services
   » Provide support and assistance as International & Corporate Helpdesk to foreign/international patients and Sunway Group accounts.
Ensure smooth communication & coordination for mainly Indonesian & other International Patients (AIP), Sunway Group and International Students, Information technology is achieved by:
   » Coordinating with Agents, Representative Office and Sunway Group Human Resource or staff and the International Students for patient assistance.
   » Making and confirming the appointment with the concerned doctor’s clinic / Staff Health/multidisciplinary department.
   » Practicing good communication expertise with a friendly demeanor & polite voice and valuable in nature.
   » Operate 24-hours telephone assistance and interpretation for Indonesian patients. Plan and coordinate with doctor and subordinates in a healthy, safe environment and professional confidentiality to service the needs of AIP treatment, Information technology is achieved by:
   » Adhering to health and safety regulation set by hospital and infection control department policies and procedures standards.
   » Reporting any potential hazardous environment or behavior to the concerned personnel.
   » Attending talks or conferences to update for safety and health at work.
   » Keeping abreast with the doctor’s clinic roster and the running hours of the clinic.
   » Ensuring and adhering to confidentiality of health and counseling information. Ensure knowledge and smooth teamwork for:
   » IPC internal work processes, and IBD marketing plan updates 
   » Sunway Group Staff (SGS) medical scheme and University establishment (University Student package)
   » Translation services when required and of hospital brochures or write ups
   » Communicating with international business development (IBD) team for any promotion.
   » Referring and assisting in the department information file for all workflow and SOPs.
   » Assist SGS and University with any queries.
   » Passing over treatment care of SGS / IP to A&E team for emergency care or for admission management.
   » Assist in monthly Quality indicators and census data report.
   » Self-improving by attending teamwork workshop training under the in-service training schedules or external conferences. Operate and arrange for further care to meet a better level of quality care outcome to AIP, Information technology is achieved by:
   » Practicing in effective communication expertise and translating accurately.
   » Reporting any complaints/ difficult situations/ queries arises to superior for further follow up actions immediately.
   » Visiting or making courtesy calls to ward/patient if admitted.
   » Participating in hospital projects in aspects of patient care and international businesses.
   » By year end or beginning, to plan customer service improvement schedules are discussed with manager and insert in shared document file.
   » Reviewing and assessing all over the year via feedback/evaluation form.
   » Follow up with a customer focus group assessment for improvement of services. Assist  and coordinate in the everyday services of  IPC counter and in the quality and standard operational procedure processes , Information technology is achieved by:
   » Attending to all walk in / telephone enquiries.
   » Assisting in making appointments and chaperone if necessary.
   » Provide treatment estimations, inform of disciplines, services and packages available to IP’s.
   » Assisting in conducting the processes of the interviews with patients and report on their feedback and collate testimonials.
   » Assisting in administration tasks.
   » Assisting in Sunway Group enquiries for referral to specialist clinic appointment or general assistance.
   » Assess and monitor changes of processes for SOPs / WIs, when & if required.
   » Assist in orientation of new IPC staff. Perform any other tasks assigned to meet company and business goals and objectives.  For examples :-
   » Participates in other related activities of SunMed to ensure the constant growth and smooth-running of SunMed.
   » Participate actively in learning and development interventions identified by company to acquire required knowledge and expertise for current and/or future job.
   » Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine.
   » Generally would have acquired up to 4 years working practice in medical triage or international patient service preferably in the healthcare industry, with broad and deep knowledge of hospital operations, services and patient flow.
   » Equipped with superior relationship management expertise, negotiation and people expertise; have a strong sensitivity to customer satisfaction, understand and respond to customer needs.
   » Possess solid analytical and communication expertise (speech and writing) in Indonesian and English, or any other additional languages would be advantageous.
   » Demonstrate tenacity and integrity, have the capability to work effectively both independently and as a team member.
   » Computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft Application Software, particularly Power Point, Word and Excel.


Average Processing Time

More Than 2 Weeks

Registration No.





Company Size

1001 - 2000 Employees

Working Hours

Saturdays/Shift required

Dress Code



Miscellaneous allowance, Medical, Education support, Dental, Parking, Vision, Contractual & Performance Bonus

Spoken Language





Sunway Healthcare is part of the Sunway Group, one of Malaysia's largest conglomerates with core interest in property, construction, education and healthcare. The group currently runs Sunway Medical Centre, which is one of the largest private tertiary hospitals in the region with 533 beds and is accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS). The group is also building 5 more hospitals in different cities in Malaysia which will complete in stages over the next four years.


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