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Maintenance & HSE agent:Company Confidential


Maintenance & HSE agent - Company Confidential



   »• Corporate Health Insurance
   »• Under big group companies
   »• Attractive compensation & Benefit


Listing description
   » Be involved in the maintenance, re-layout, repair and upkeep of all buildings and services owned, rented, occupied and or maintained by the HSE Indonesia and mechanical and electrical installation and equipment, therein..
   » Be involved in the repair / upkeep of all biosecurity area, boundary walls, fences, roadways, paths etc., which are the responsibility of the Maintenance & HSE.
   » Be involved in the maintenance, repair, upkeep and efficient operation of water and sewage systems serviced on the premises/sites.
   » Be involved in the supervision of staff assigned and the arrangement of employments as may be necessary in consultation with the Project Maintenance & HSE Manager
   » Supervise and ensure the maintenance of all machinery, equipment and all oxygen tube or gas, electrical and water installations in buildings owned or occupied at hatchery/site and operational vehicles (Pick up Car).
   » Supervise and control outside contractors engaged in minor capital works or in planned maintenance programs and ensure that insurance requirements and health & safety legislation are fully complied with.
   » Arrange to be available during off-duty periods in case of emergency or when requested by the Operations Manager and or Hatchery Manager.
   » Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical) or any field.
   » Required language(s): English
   » At least 4 Year(s) of working practice in the related field is required for this position.
   » Required Skill(s): K3 Umum, Mechanical & Electrical
   » Computer expertise : Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, e-mail and the internet, as significant to the function.
   » Good expertise in biosecurity issues.
   » consciousness of health & safety regulations and risk management, as significant to the function.
   » Preferably manager/Coordinator specialized in Agriculture/Forestry/Fisheries or equivalent.


Our company is one of the first specific pathogen free (SPF) P. Vannamei breeding programs started in 2001 by SyGen, one of the world’s leading breeding companies with the best overall performance on growth and survival.
We continues in applying advance breeding technologies and the only program using marker assisted selection in addition to quantitative genetics.
Our customers get fast growth with a high survival, resulting in high yields and low feed conversion ratio-in other words A GREAT RESULT !


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