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Min 2 years (Staff (non-management & non-manager))

Indonesia - Banten - Tangerang - Alam Sutera



Requirements of the Head Teacher’s function:
·     Is an exemplary teacher and is well acquainted with ICR pedagogy and methodology
·     Has good communication and interpersonal expertise
·     Has good problem solving expertise
·     Has the capability to work well with co-teachers and Centre Manager
·     Shows leadership abilities and deep sense of responsibility
·     Is proactive and takes initiative to resolve issues and/or highlight challenges
·     Is able to operate with a high level of integrity and professionalism
·     Has been with the company for at least 3 years   
Main Tasks / Functions  
1. Ensure adherence to ICR Best Teaching Practice 
Ensure proper transition between outgoing and incoming teachers  
·     Be at the Centre to greet the new teacher on their first day at work. Work through the Centre Induction with Centre Manager.
·     On the first day of handover – meet with both the incoming and outgoing teacher to talk through the up-coming week.
·     Facilitate discussions on how they do the hand-over, i.e initially observe, then co- teach, then teach while being observed. 
·     Meet briefly with the new teacher everyday to ensure that they are coping with the hand-over and to answer any questions.
·     On the first day of solo teaching, meet with the teacher to make sure they are prepared for the day’s classes, offer guidance if/when needed.
·     Work with the Centre Manager to ensure that the new teacher is ‘buddied’ up for assessments for the first 6 assessments. Sign-off when the teacher is ready to assess on their own and inform the Centre Manager. 
Weekly/fortnightly teaching observation for new teachers 
·     In the first month of teaching arrange to sit in on one class per week – to observe and offer guidance.
·     Work with the teacher on any teaching issues – escalate to the Academic Manager if unable to help.  
New Teacher Confirmation 
·     located on the weekly observations and interactions and performance, to confirm if the new teacher has passed the probationary period or if the probationary needs to be extended, or if the teacher should not be confirmed
·     Send the confirmation report to the Academic Manager for review, discussion on next steps and file. 
Six monthly teaching observations for confirmed teachers 
·     Each teacher to be observed teaching a lesson every six months - to monitor both adherence to the company’s teaching requirements and consistency in the professional delivery of lessons.
·     Give each teacher feedback as to their performance – highlight any issues and formulate an action plan together with the teacher to address, follow-up as/when needed.
·     Escalate major teaching issues to the Academic Manager.  
Six monthly observations of assessments 
·     Each teacher to be observed conducting an assessment every six months (ideally this should be timed to be close to the teaching observation) – the observation of assessments is to ensure that they are being conducted in a professional and consistent manner, with the ultimate aim being to secure conversion.
·     Give feedback to the teacher and if needed, design an action plan for improvement and continue to monitor. 
2. Provide Teacher Support and Professional Development 
Monthly Centre meeting jointly run with the Centre Manager 
·     Share the Centre statistics – current student numbers, assessments, sign-ups, withdrawals. 
·     Discuss upcoming events, promotions, offers (if any).
·     Encourage teacher feedback.
·     Take minutes of each meeting and distribute.
·     Ensure new policies and practices are followed by the teachers  
3. Monitor Communication 
·     Write/proof-read any letters sent to parents e.g change of teacher/schedule letters
·     Ensure all teachers have read, understood and when necessary taken action on company circulars.
·     Ensure Attendance Files up to date, i.e attendance sheets, weekly progress sheets are consistently and correctly completed by every teacher.
·     Ensure teachers are properly utilising Teacher Communication Log.
·     Ensure teachers complete term reports in a timely manner
·     Proof-read all term reports – edit for any spelling/grammar errors and sense check for professionalism. 
·     Work with the Centre Manager to carry out Parent Teacher Meetings once every six months 
4. contact/be a conduit between Teachers and Academic Team 
·     Quarterly meetings with Academic Manager to discuss Centre academic updates and issues such as teacher performance, training needs and follow up action plans
·     Provide feedback from teachers with regards to ICR courses and programmes and suggest ideas for improvements.



Puri Indah Financial Tower 5 floor unit 05, Puri Lingkar Dalam, Jalan Puri Indah Raya, Kembangan, South Kembangan , West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia 11610


Average Processing Time

More Than 2 Weeks




Telephone No.


Facebook Fan Page

Company Size

51 - 200 Employees

Working Hours

Open Monday - Saturday

Dress Code

Business (e.g. Shirts)


Miscellaneous allowance, Training, Festive allowance (THR), 12 days of annual leave, Performance Bonuses

Spoken Language





Career Opportunities
I CAN READ (ICR) offers literacy programmes to student who acquire skill in reading, comprehesion, vocabulary, spelling, creative writing, listening, oral presentation expertise and all aspects of English literacy. Over 170,000 students in 8 Countries have aquired English Literacy from our unique ICR methodology. Today, ICR is present in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia, Hong Kong and China.
We are currently recruiting  innovative and qualified full time English teacher to join CAN READ Indonesia.


   » Proven methodolgy and lessons plans for teachers that produce clear learning results for the students
   » Created by Australia Education Psychologist base on 15 years of reasearch
   » Fun work environment
   » A caring, expereinced and professional management team.
   » Career path and grwoth within the Company. 


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