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Tawaran Pekerjaan: MARKETING EXECUTIVE (Primary School):Knowledge Link Intercultural School


MARKETING EXECUTIVE (Primary School) - expertise Link Intercultural School




   » Marketing Secondary school  required for an International School in Jakarta & Sentul. Native English speakers are preferred :  
   » Responsibilities :
   » Memberikan informasi mengenai keunggulan sekolah
   » Bertanggungjawab terhadap promosi Sekolah KLIS
   » Bertanggungjawab mencari siswa Persyaratan:
   » Usia maksimal 35 Tahun
   » Latar Belakang Pendidikan D3/S1
   » Mempunyai Pengalaman di bidang Marketing di Sekolah
   » Memiliki Motivasi kerja tinggi dan dapat beradaptasi dengan lingkungan kerja


Average Processing Time

More Than 2 Weeks




Telephone No.

0877 8469 8953

Company Size

1 - 50 Employees

Working Hours

Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays

Dress Code

Formal (e.g. Shirts + Ties)


Miscellaneous allowance

Spoken Language

English, Arabic, Indonesia




expertise Link Intercultural School (KLIS) offers an internationally-recognised standard of education to students from the ages of 5 - 18 years old at our new schools in South Jakarta and Sentul.
Built on a strong foundation of intrinsic Islamic principles, we strive to provide holistic education, which will help our students find their identity, meaning and purpose in life through the community and humanitarian values such as compassion and empathy.
At KLIS, we believe our integrated curriculum offers Muslim students the absolute best of both worlds. Primary students will follow the esteemed Cambridge International syllabus with Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests used as the assessment benchmark.
Our secondary school students will follow the Oxford AQA examinations syllabus which guides their preparation towards iGCSEs and A-Levels.
In addition to these academic milestones, the Muslim students of KLIS will be well versed in Islamic standards that align with teachings found in the Quran. Whilst, the majority of the students at KLIS are Muslim, our schools are truly intercultural which means that families of any nationality, race or religion are welcome to join us. This universal approach to teaching and learning is part of our school’s focus on raising internationally-minded students who are confident in themselves, inquisitive in their studies and caring to others.
Furthermore, the ethos of KLIS is ‘community’, both inside and outside of the classroom. This is promoted through extra curricular activities such as sports, swimming, music and the performing arts to name a few. There are also study trips, school outings and community projects. Parent involvement is another area of focus which we believe makes us stand out. KLIS is not just our school - it’s yours, and collectively we can make Information technology the number one international Islamic school in Indonesia.


As parents ourselves, we understand that choosing the right school for your child is exceedingly important. If you are curious as to whether or not KLIS is the best place for you and your child (or children), we hope this information will help you decide:
   » Follows UK National Curriculum
   » Guided by true Islamic values and principles
   » State of the art facilities
   » One stop global education center, with over 30 university partners worldwide
   » Supportive and caring environment
   » practiced and qualified teachers from around the globe
   » Proactive community programs
   » Conducive and safe learning environment
   » Extra curricular activities


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