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Penawaran: Kepala Gudang:PT Jamu Air Mancur Solo


Kepala Gudang - PT Jamu Air Mancur Solo


Kepala Gudang

PT Jamu Air Mancur Solo

Min 2 years (manager/Coordinator)

Indonesia - Jakarta Raya



RESPONSIBILITY / Listing description
   » Mengoordinir dan mengawasi semua kegiatan operasional gudang (penerimaan, penyimpanan, dan pengiriman barang).
   » Melakukan stock opname di gudang secara berkala.
   » Mengerjakan pekerjaan administrasi yang berkaitan dengan aktivitas gudang.
   » Memastikan SOP di gudang berjalan dengan baik. QUALIFICATION:
   » Usia maksimal 35 tahun.
   » Pendidikan minimal D3 segala jurusan.
   » Pengalaman minimal 2 tahun sebagai kepala gudang (di perusahaan distributor lebih diutamakan).
   » Memiliki kemampuan leadership abilities yang tinggi, mampu bekerja di bawah tekanan, teliti, memiliki kemampuan komunikasi yang baik.
   » Menguasai Microsoft Office, terutama MS Excel & MS Word
   » Bersedia ditempatkan di Jakarta.

WORK LOCATION View larger map / directions View larger map


Jl Solo Sragen, KM 7 - POBOX 253, Karanganyar, Central Java, Indonesia 57102


Average Processing Time

More Than 2 Weeks


Consumer Products/FMCG


Telephone No.


Facebook Fan Page

Company Size

1001 - 2000 Employees

Working Hours

Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays

Dress Code

Business, Uniform



Spoken Language

Bahasa Indonesia - English




God has presented nature for mankind with all its infinite wonders, varieties, and benefits. Indonesia is very rich of various natural resources. Thousands of islands filled with fertile lands forming a string of emeralds across the equator.
Here is the paradise for uncountable valuable plants to grow, such as spices and medicinal herbs. Since ancient time, these plants have been used and developed as ingredients of health recipes to preserve health, cure sickness and maintain vitality as well as beauty.
The tradition of using these medicinal brews popularly known as Jamu has been preserved until present, as the Indonesian original culture to keep people health. This cultural heritage has become a national asset, and Air Mancur keeps on developing Information technology by providing Jamu product of high quality, hygiene and effectiveness to meet the people need. In order to the biggest Medicinal herbs company in Indonesia, Air Mancur pays great attention to innovations and quality of the product, promotions, product distribution and customer's satisfactions.


To be a leading company in producing Herbal medicine, healthy drinks, personal care, topical medicine products in Indonesia.
   » Develop superior (value of quality) natural health, helath drinks, personal care, topical medicine products to delight customers.
   » Build end to end core competence
   » Achieve above industry average performance and sustain profitable growth to maximize shareholder value and employee welfare.
   » Build long-term synergetic relationship with suppliers, business partners and other key stakeholders.
   » Creates benefits for society located on mutual develop.


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