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Penawaran: HSES Manager South East Asia:


Job ID :
Location :
Surabaya : Gedung Bumi Mandiri (LR_L000138)
Position Category :
Administration/Business Support
Department :
ID750057 : JKT:HSES (ID750057)
Position Type :
Employee Regular
Education Required : See Job Description
practice Required : See Job Description

Key Job responsibilities:

Innovate and Introduce New Approaches to Manage HSES Risks

:Introduce new thinking and approaches to LR's approach to HSES risk, by innovating and trialling new products, technologies and approaches to risks, and simplifying existing systems and processes.
:Play a pivotal function in delivering LR's HSES improvement strategy, superviseing LR's safety culture programme by innovating and sharing new and engaging ways to keep our people safe which focus on individual accountcapability, personal behaviours and acts.
:Manage the development of a risk:located, values:driven approach to HSES management, leading and establishing the necessary conditions to drive safe and sustainable practices, culture and mind:set
function Model and Catalyst for Change

:Manage the development of LR's safety culture, trialling innovative and engaging ways to make safety personnel and promote LR&# 039;s behavioural safety framework.
:Innovate and operationalise the use of new media, Apps and technologies that personalise safety, promote the right HSES behaviours and LR's STOP work principle
Maintain Effective HSES Communication and Collaboration

:Maintain collaboration within the HSES team, ensuring individual strengths and specialisms are optimised and best practices are shared.
:Lead HSES communications with the business, finding innovative, exciting and engaging ways to present key HSES messages significant, personnel and deliver the required change.
:Facilitate regular HSES events that improve collaboration, strengthen innovation and trial new technologies
Manage the Group's Process of Organisational Learning

:Manage and implement the Group's incident investigation and root cause process ensuring the learnings from incidents are shared and promoted all over the organisation.
Maintain Strong Engagement with the Businesses on HSES

:Act as the HSES business partner for business streams, ensuring the effective delivery of HSES services including providing regular updates, reports and presentations; supporting bids tenders.
:Report HSES performance to Country/Area Management, preparing management reports and providing advice to counter trends.
:Support and guide the business, ensuring they effectively integrate HSES within new projects, services and offerings
Maintain Effective Operational Control of HSES Risks

:Lead the completion and review of the HSES Risk Registers, HSES Legal Register and Self:Assessment process improving the local ownership of significant risks and ensuring there is an effective governance framework.
:Manage the HSES management system covering audit findings, responding to questions and supporting
compliance with the Group requirements and ensuring LR maintains its OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certification.
:Drive simplicity and efficiency in LR's HSES systems, ensuring the processes and controls are simple, agile and help our people be safe, while also providing the necessary governance.
:Manage the deviation process, ensuring appropriate alterative HSES controls are established and approved where group requirements cannot be implemented
:Assess the risks and work in a safe manner at all times, robustly implementing health and safety rules, instructions and systems and refuse to undertake work that compromises your safety or health.
:Report in a timely manner all incidents including near miss and safety observations (NMSO), accidents and injuries and raise any health and safety concerns with your line manager.
Improve HSES Performance through Effective Project Management

:Lead and manage HSES projects (i.e. training programmes, initiatives, procedural changes, etc.) applying effect

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