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Tawaran Pekerjaan: Front End Software Developer:PT Inovasi Kreatif Digital


Front End Software Developer - PT Inovasi Kreatif Digital


Front End Software Developer

PT Inovasi Kreatif Digital

Min 3 years (Staff (non-management & non-manager))

Indonesia - Jakarta Raya - Jakarta Barat



We’re excited to have a new Front End Developer join our team! As our Front End Developer, you will be responsible for translating designs planned by the User practice Designers into working interfaces. We’re also looking for this passionate team member to co-develop the user practice by providing advice on interface and interactivity techniques.
   » 3 -5 years practice; open to enthusiastic fresh graduates.
   » In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
   » Good working knowledge of React and Vue.js.
   » REST API development practice and know Swagger definitions.
   » practice working with Redux / Flux architectures.
   » Strong familiarity with the front-end open source ecosystem, and the capability to make appropriate platform choices for the task at hand.
   » practice developing maintainable and scalable code in a team of multiple front end developers.
   » knowledge of front-end performance considerations.
   » practice using CSS pre and post processors.
   » practice working with designers from the inception of a feature to production deployment.
   » practice with implementing responsive interfaces.RESPONSIBILITIES
1. Implement pixel-perfect working systems located on design inputs
   » Works in an agile, collaborative environment across software architecture, knowledge both front-end and back-end concerns, while specializing in the front-end.
   » Collaborate with teammates to analyse, scope and implement Front End Engineering related tasks
   » Provide accurate and practical assessment of the resources and schedule necessary for Front End Development tasks
   » Contribute to the technical deployment, training and support activities of software development projects 
2. Follow development best practices
   » Ensure the development of a quality solution by following rigorous testing process
   » Keep abreast of new visual/interaction technologies and techniques in the market and share insights and creative applications with the team

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Jalan Panjang Arteri Kedoya no 88 - 88 D - Kedoya Selatan Jakarta Barat - 11520


Average Processing Time

More Than 2 Weeks


Computer/Information Technology (Software)


Facebook Fan Page

Company Size

1 - 50 Employees

Working Hours

Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays

Dress Code

Business (e.g. Shirts)


Medical, Bonus,

Spoken Language



Why Work With Us


At Savant Degrees, our main aim is to provide Repeatable Ingenuity across various project types and clients to help them stay ahead. We’re able to do this because we have deep practice with product and product platform strategy, but more importantly, we’ve built a process called the Savant Method™ to explain and codify our intuition.
The Savant Method™ is a 5-step, living process that borrows from industry-recognized standards and that we continuously develop to incorporate best practices from business, creative and engineering disciplines. As our core innovation framework, Information technology allows us to extract our client’s industry knowledge, combine Information technology with significant research, and apply leading digital technologies and techniques to deliver on our clients’ business objectives within their time and budget.



About Us :
We help transform good ideas into great digital solutions through our human-centered
design methodology.
   » Constantly Curious
   » Impact Makers
   » Leading Methodology The Savant Method:
   » Discover 
   » Strategy
   » Concept
   » Build
   » Evolve Why Work with Us ?
   » We are innovative problem solvers
   » We are curious and eager to lgain
   » We have a fun yet professional environment within our office
   » We build trust within our teams
   » We are proud of our work
   » We do agile thinking


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