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Tawaran Pekerjaan: STAFF GUDANG:PT Supertone (SPC)





PT Supertone (SPC)

Min 2 years (Staff (non-management & non-manager))

Indonesia - Jakarta Raya - Jakarta Barat - JL. GAJAH MADA 218 F-G, GLODOK, JAKARTA BARAT



   » Lulusan minimal SMA/SMK di bidang apapun.
   » Setidaknya memiliki 3 tahun pengalaman dalam bidang yang sesuai untuk posisi ini.
   » Kemampuan yang harus dimiliki:
   » Bertanggung jawab atas barang keluar masuk dan jumlah stok barang,
   » Bertanggung jawab atas kerapihan gudang,
   » Melakukan tugas / pekerjaan bagian staff gudang setiap harinya,
   » Melakukan packing barang

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Jalan Gajah Mada, West Jakarta, Glodok, Jakarta, Indonesia


Average Processing Time

More Than 2 Weeks


Electrical & Electronics

Company Size

201 - 500 Employees

Working Hours

Mondays-Fridays Full Shift, Saturday a Half Shift

Dress Code

Business (e.g. Shirts)


Medical, -

Spoken Language

Bahasa Indonesia




PT. SUPERTONE (SPC)----has been specializing in the computer peripherals business since its incorporation in 1985. SPC has been our flagship brand that represents excellence in quality and value. Our lasting history and presence within the Indonesia computer landscape is a testament that the Indonesia public has recognized us a major player in providing prosperous Computer solutions and products. Our diverse product ranges from LCD monitors to Multimedia 2.1 Speakers in order to provide an array of products back to the consumer. Currently PT SUPERTONE(SPC) has established an broad distribution network of 31 sales point from Medan in Sumatra all the way to West Papua New Guinea, thus allowing our products to be available to all four corners of Indonesia. These sales points also serve as a critical after-sales service points to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.
PT SUPERTONE (SPC) started as a manufacturing company producing Computer Monitor, Power Supply, Keyboard and Mouse but now has transformed itself into a prosperous importing and distributing business. We source quality products from abroad from locations such as China and Taiwan and then import them back into Indonesia. Our 23 years practice in both manufacturing and importing has allowed us to differentiate what is a quality product and maintain a high level of quality. PT SUPERTONE has nurtured a team of highly dedicated skilled engineers to assist in identifying quality suppliers as well as to serve as a strong quality assurance team.


Cultures and Values
PT SUPERTONE(SPC) has always located these core principles: 1.Quality over Cost. We will always deliver quality products to our customers 2.Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. We have established an excellent after-sale service program. 3.Innovation. We will continue to source innovative product to be on the cutting edge of technology 4.Growth. We will continue to grow our company’s foundation to support the first 3 principles


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